Keihn Wrote:
Nov 08, 2012 8:00 AM
It's time for the Grand Ole Party to buried. It died a long time ago, but never got buried. If anyone were to remember, I stated some time ago the the 18-30 year olds actually elected him. Of course a lot more people voted for him, but they were expected to do this: Black vote at 95-98 percent. But just as been written before me, the educational system has been corrupted for decades and now these 'enlightened' new, young adults are voting en masse just as they were taught. I'm an old man and realize that we need a conservative party made up of much younger people. These folks are out there, just need to be found. I thought the Tea Party just might be it, but now I think I was wrong and it's going to take an entirely new paradyne(sp)