Tasmanian-Jedi Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 11:31 PM
Mitt wanted the job more than McLame; it showed. Still, he wasn't the clear conservative contrast we deserved. (John Ransom gets this, an idea Rush enshrined). Note to Hugh Hewitt: The evangelicals did our part, we got behind your moderate. And we still lost. Hugh (if you're reading), you were nice enough to point out on radio today that the GOP will NOT ditch being pro-life and pro-marriage (gay marriage is a canard, it'll never be marriage because it's not sex, it's mutual foreplay) because it will shatter the base & thereby destroy the party. Next time do it our way. Help nominate someone who articulates those issues and is still likeable. Someone like Huckabee, who you did everything you could to hamstring 4 years ago.