cudlow Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 7:08 PM
That is the media's strategy to help demonrats - take it easy on the easiest one to beat during the primaries, see that the easiest one to beat is nominated, then come after the nominee. Mccain was a horrible choice in 2008 - and the media knew it. They let him skate to the nomination then attacked. Rombama was even worse this year - the tea party would not support him with all their vigot, evangelicals like me would not support him. Destroy the base and guarantee victory by the demonrat. Worse still, Republicrats fall for it every time - picking the worst possible nominee then crying when they lose. And they keep getting worse and worse - Dole, McCain, Rombama. I don't know how they can do worser than Rombama - but I know they will try to.