theroyalwee Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 7:07 PM
47% was too low a number in the phrase that damned Romney. We now have a nation of 51+% parasites, looters and moochers. Takers that take what others make. I am perhaps maddest at myself today for losing sight of this. I let the Karl Rove's, Michael Barone's, and Hugh Hewitt's of the world talk me into a position where I was even a little optimistic last night. Never again. We are a doomed nation led by a majority of people too stupid to understand the evils of socialism. I thank God I have options to live elsewhere through duel citizenship. And that I have no children to watch this once great nation slide into a "green" muslim caliphate, hearing the words "allahu akhbar" before they take their last breath.