dmcnamara Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 11:05 AM
In Lkae Worth alone,Levi Cruz,sold 3000 photoshopped fake ideas to illegal aliens ot vote with.He was indicted,last year ,reported by the Palm Beach Post.The Delray Beach DMV sold 15,000 Drivers'Licences to illegal aliens.The culprits got caught when they came to work suddenly in Cadillac S.U.V.s!Onle a few were fired ,the rest continues.All Tonw in Arizona and along the Mexican Border have since Obama grabbed the White House with racism(Jeremy Wright,2007 video) fake ID sales have been rampanat,in California, Ohio,Wisconsin,Iowa all States in the Souht.The Rpublican Part should have thenrie Country investigated for election Fraud with open market sold False ID's.How can the Party let the American EAGLE,Governor Mitt Romney drop???