grich903 Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 9:40 AM
Foreign wars, yes, will end. All the voters did was vote to bring that war HERE. To allow a pro-Islamic to be President of the US. I'll tell you what the future is: we will have Sharia law HERE. We will become overburdened with taxes, we will lose private healthcare, we will lose private property, we will lose our Constitutionally promised rights, including the right to bear arms. We might even lose our lives. But, in the end, who are we? Individuals that must one day stand before the Living God, not the Muslim god. So take this as a call to be spiritually aware, to be right with the true God. Stop looking at O'Bama, look at the Holy Bible and get yourself right before Him. The rest is going to burn, just a lot sooner than I hoped