loadstar Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 9:35 AM
Reasons O won... 1) first, it was dead close-- it ain't no mandate! 2) the Obamanators relentlessly pushed a dissembling narrative and a compliant, nonfeasant press declined to challenge that narrative-- the bad economy was all Bush's fault...the war on women...Republicans are anti-Hispanic...they just care about the rich...Obama offers better hope for jobs eventually 3) we have undergone HUGE demographic changes. Whites are down to only 72% of the vote while Hispanics are up to 14%; O successfully used them, and they matter in Fl, Co., etc. 4) single women now predominate; like blacks and browns, they are just OK with Big Guvment giving them stuff; a bigger dependent class: 47% are net takers 5) PC schools have brainwashed Millennials