jtyme Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 6:25 AM
I'm tired of supporting freeloaders. With a few exceptions (such as Soc Sec and Medicare) it is properly labelled Charity, not Entitlement. When you don't pay in yet reap a benefit from the largess of others...that's charity. I will Go Galt now, since I don't see any value in contributing anymore. Yeah, I'm done working so others can play and within a year won't have any taxable income. Nor will the other 22 people that I employ, unfortunately. At least for a while. Pink slips go out on Friday. Business closes December 23. I will retire and just draw down the cash I've socked away legally. No income. I'm one of the "millionaires" Obama keeps picking on. And he won't see a dime of my money in income or cap gains taxes.