Ken1984 Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 6:15 AM
Greetings from California, the capital of the United States of Trailer Trash. As a newly entitled member of the 99 percent, I am here to tell you that Mitt had it wrong. It wasn't 47 percent, it was 53 percent and counting....heading for an inevitable 99 percent. The only real problem with percentages is that there is always a 1 percent, just of a smaller pie. Eventually, even the least productive find themselves in the chosen 1 percent gifted with the rare distinction of providing for the rest of us. Still, perhaps the President, in his outreach to Mitt Romney, will offer to appoint him the Secretary of Rescue and Tax Reform. He will then be "tasked" (as we say in the USTT) with reforming the tax structure to eliminate all perks and reduc