janders435 Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 3:46 AM
Racism won! There has always been friction between Blacks and Mexicans and Obama is a one how obviously doesn't like Mexicans, but played them like a guitar. He will continue to try and subjugate them in and effort to "plantation" them like the Dems have done to blacks. They need them working though and paying taxes. Mexican-Americans are disproportionally young, and thus are the only demographic group he can rely on to pay for his tax breaks for his friends and Wall Street fat cats. You say, but wait, he was pro-immigration reform. Lie, Lie, Lie! Democrats have had 6 years to pass reform, but haven't even though large majorities in 2009, and something Bush wanted. Unions won't let Dems pass reform. And Obama hates Mexicans!