Chicago Undercover Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 2:22 AM
I can see all the scumbags have come out looking for wounds to rub salt in, so I'm gone with these parting words: yes, node and dag and sybil and ray and lois and all the rest of you smug self righteous "very classy 'winners'", you called this one. Yep. Bully for you. I knew this was coming because cretins like you guys are representative of 50% of this nation. You see us as your enemies, simply because we have different beliefs and ideals. There is no working with people like you, because you know nothing about compromise or humility. So, I for one, will not work with you. Ever. I say strap up boys and girls. Have fun gloating while you can. We're coming. And we ain't gonna vote when we get there.