algae Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 2:10 AM
godownfighting. Sorry. It was a losing ticket. That is not "fantastic". The Ryan pick was OK but the flagship of the GOP was a squishy moderate. A better man than Ø, no doubt, with some fine accomplishments, but he lost. I can tell you why, but you would ignore it. The same way you will ignore everyone else saying the same thing. It's "stupid". As long as the GOP wants to keep veering away from a conservative tack, it will continue to be a loser. That should hardly come as a surprise. I voted for Romney despite my deep dislike of the pick because the Ø is thoroughly repulsive and corrupt. There was every reason to expect Senate gains. There was every reason that Ø should have been defeated. I hate "I told you so".. but I did. Many times.