NullifyNow Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 1:22 AM
Yes there are two Americas (at least): the criminal part: the Democrat rank and file and those like them, and the rest of us (GOPer or not). We are a criiminal culture where criminal activity has been "legalized" (murder/abortion, robbery/sociliasm welfare state). Barone talks about a unifiy media that is now lost. Barone was and still is party of that old unifyier. But whose unity was it? It is run by the CIA through the Council on Foreign Relations. The CIA and the CFR have had a goal since the 1920s: one world governement. It could not be done without making the USA weak. Dividing her into hostile factions is one way and that is the way of choice now by the CIA. Bush contributed greatly to the divisions. So did the Wall