internomad Wrote:
Nov 07, 2012 12:31 AM
Obama 2nd term goals - 1. Double the executive orders from his first term 2. Abolish congress 3. Double his unprecedented debt 4. Weaken our nation by cutting our warheads from 5000 down to 300 (while all the other Countries are increasing their power - Hey maybe he'll send our excess warheads to syria and Iran to help arm them with our warheads so they can send back to use armed) 5. Hand the US over to the U.N. through various arms programme's and policies such as LOST 6. endure a 3rd credit rating drop 7. add an additional 16 million onto welfare to put us into the 60 million mark doubling the amount on welfare from the time he took office. 8. Impose sharia law - (You woman will really love that policy) The list goes on and on -