JPK2 Wrote:
Nov 06, 2012 2:35 PM
The year 2011 saw the lowest American birthrate in history. On average, women ages 15-44 gave birth at a rate of 64/1000. This equates to a total fertility rate of 1.8 children/female. A rate of 2.1 children/female is needed just to keep our population stable. Additonally, nearly 18% of US women ages 18-45 say they do not intend every to have children. To make matters worse, birthrates among Hispanic Americans are falling as well. In 2011, the total fertility rate amongst Hispanic women fell to 2.4 children/female. Down from 3.6 just a few years previously. Birth rates in the US have been falling for decades, save for a short period from 2000-2006. This nation is in for a world of economic hurt.