loadstar Wrote:
Nov 06, 2012 10:15 AM
Initially, I was mildly surprised that O would bray the get revenge comment. Then it hit me-- it MUST BE code to the blacks...the internals of the Obamanators must look dire for them, so they are feeling desperate. O. took the lion's share of "the brown vote" last time-- and will again. The "get revenge" thing is CLEARLY meant to stir up the basest "US against them" mantra among them. An odd truth, however-- his policies have been MOST devastating for the blacks and Hispanics...where unemployment is rampant. That noted, their average I.Q. and education levels are our LCD...many simply LIKE the idea of Food Stamps and other Big "Entitlement" Guvment wealth transfer to the "Po' People." If Welfare is attractive enough, why work?!