Snarkasterous1 Wrote:
Nov 06, 2012 10:02 AM
Although you're a mindless troll, obviously, I'll point out the following, for clarity's sake: - Unemployed do NOT pay SS payroll taxes - 50% of SS payroll taxes are paid by the corporations you libbies disparage - Only a minority of the SS payroll tax paid by individuals is paid by those at lower income levels: after first excluding the unemployed, welfare recipients, and other reliably-libbie voters, consider that SS payroll taxes are collected on income up to $110,100. Thus, high earners pay FAR, FAR more than lower income earners. Thus, your misleading intimation that "the untermenschen," to use your horribly-misguided and offensive term, pay all, or even HALF, of the SS payroll tax, is simply incorrect. Nice try, libbie!