pattibaby Wrote:
Nov 06, 2012 7:56 AM
patti's notes: with obama,we will loose all freedom,down the road,as with obamacare,that starts part of socialism,then forward on,as he believes in socialism. he doesn't believe in freedom /constitutional rights. he was raised by arents, mentors,that belive in socialism.he lived in indonessia /africa,communist countries,he cannot break away from this and this is why we are where we are now,with our country in past 4 years. so,when voting, ,remember why, our for-fathers came to america,or have you forgotten?? do you want your children,greatgrandchildren to continue to have this?? we are the luckiest country in the world,yestime hard, we've gone thru it before,we can do it again,but not w/extreme ,radical ,marxist. pl,orl,fla