MormonsLie Wrote:
Nov 05, 2012 3:49 PM
" Hockey Mom Wrote: 6 hours ago (9:36 AM) WOW, it pulls up columns here where I've posted it for friends to send me emails. BFD!!!" BFD? Here's the BFD: Well, it's time to meet the Mormon Mafia. It's pretty easy actually, all you have to do is copy the email address they use, which has been posted probably 100 times here, into the search on Facebook and press Enter. "Hockey Mom Wrote: 10 hours ago (10:42 PM) Yes I do Nana," When you find the picture of the cat in the Friends area, you have just met HockeyMom. The others are there as well. Isn't technology great but hey HM knows how to use it correctly right? Sure thing. And she always so honest as well right? She would never lie? No, never.