loadstar Wrote:
Nov 05, 2012 1:49 PM
OMG-- Obamaphiles dare to complain about dividing America!?!? The entire premise of the Wizard Of Ozbama's campaign has been to blame Dubya, make excuses for O's abject failures (stimulus?! shovel-ready jobs?! Solyndra?! Benghazi?!), and bray fallaciously, "I never said it could be done in one term..." (Oh, those dang videotapes!) Let's see-- a phony war on women...class warfare...no divisive claptrap there! Let's end America's national nightmare...send Obama back to Chicago! We got conned into trying hopey/changey, the PC pig in a poke-- now let's hope for a REAL change! There is simply not enough lipstick to dress up THAT pig!