Bea44 Wrote:
Nov 05, 2012 12:44 PM
A Note for all you naive TROLLS: "We The People" know that you trolls DO NOT give a tickers damn about the economic distress of this Country; however, my locale (in PA)............a previous industrial, manufacturing giant is now a midget. However, today it was announced that a solid company that employed 600 workers will have to lay all 600 off if BO is elected due to his costly regulations/restrictions and the Obomacare mandate that would impose $2,000.00 of Company funds for every employee. So, 600 people will be layed-off due to Obama's policies. Apparently, the trolls on this site are mentally dull, or, quite possibly GOV employees who do not give a dang about Mr/Mrs Middle-Class America. PLEASE DO NOT FEIGN compassion.