momham33 Wrote:
Nov 05, 2012 9:17 AM
Akagi021. You suffer from the same disorder as the President... Narcissictic Personality Disorder. Do you think that you/your words are so important that you have to post on EVERY Townhall Columnist? NOBODY wants to go to war. My grandfather and my brother are both Navy Veterans as are many other members of my family. What we want is to be safe. Bush did not lie and obfuscate. He didn't declare war without Congressional approval - Yes, Hilary voted for his war. Get a clue and do some REAL research. You accuse Repubs of only watching FOX. From your postings, the only reason you are on conservative sites is to SPAM. You aren't reading the articles. Some of us watch MSNBC and read the HuffPost to see where the delusional thinking comes from.