David3335 Wrote:
Nov 04, 2012 9:44 PM
"Two days till we know in which direction our country will travel – toward liberty and a constitutionally limited government..." Oh, is everyone writing-in Ron Paul? That's the only man that will bring that about. Oh, that's right, we have to vote for Romney to over-turn ObamaCare that was based on RomneyCare. Yeah, that makes sense. Let's see...that liberty thing... yeah...we'll ramp up NDAA. Patriot Act, control of the internet, War on Drugs (you know we have to let the pedo's and rapist out so we can make room for the hemp growers and medical marijuana distributors), oh...don't play any online poker because that money isn't yours, it belongs to the government. Puhleeeez....spare me the liberty BS.