Nikkofly Wrote:
Nov 04, 2012 9:36 PM
"Now let me ask everyone out there; just how many bills did Republicans write, When Obama, Pelosi and Reid held the levers of power in DC?" Gee pop, your political savvy is on empty me thinks. Now let me ask YOU out there....How many Republican bills do you think made it past a senate headed by Pelosi and Reid (heir apparents of the Senatorial Award for Reaching Across the Aisle To Strike a Conservative)? How many do you think, pop old man? I know. Do you? Not a fair question you asked, now is it? Care for the facts? Honest truly? Might they be unwanted intruders in whatever dimension it is you inhabit. The DON'T BOTHER ME WITH THE TRUTH Dimension?? The COUNTRY IS IN THE GREATEST SHAPE OF ITS" LIFE Dimension? The DON'T ALTER MY REALITY?