Jo119 Wrote:
Nov 04, 2012 9:30 PM
Geraldo is such a liberal hack- He is Always for HIS people-Hispanics I guess-Don't EVER hear him talking it up for the Jewish side of himself. He's just another mere "Obama Bootlicker" and HATES to have Anyone speak up against Obama. Obama OWNS the Terrorist Murders of 4 Americans, and he CAN'T blame Bush on that one. Noticebly, the Lapdog Liberal Media is NOT EVEN REPORTING on these murders, as they are 'covering for Obama' and don't want things to look bad for him. They ARE complicit in his "Cover Up" and his making up LIES HE FED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, THEN GOT HIS LEMMINGS, HILLARY, RICE, BIDEN, PANETTA ETAL, TO SPEW THE SAME LIES. THIS WAS A TOTAL "DERELICTION OF DUTY" AND OBAMA & THE REST OF THIS CORRUPT REGIME NEED REMOVED NOW