MiNombreEsLegion Wrote:
Nov 04, 2012 9:17 PM
1970 - Jesse Helms, two years before running for the U.S. Senate from NC 1970 - Bob Barr, who later became U.S. Representative from GA (1995-2003). 1972 - Trent Lott, prior to running for the House of Representatives from MS 1973 - John Connally, six years before he sought the Republican presidential nomination 1975 - Elizabeth Dole, while employed by the FTC 1981 - Bob Stump, while U.S. Representative from AZ 1983 - Phil Gramm, while U.S. Representative from TX 1986 - William Bennett, while U.S. Secretary of Education 1988 - David Duke, prior for running for a seat in the lower house of the Louisiana state legislature 1989 - Rick Perry, before running for Agriculture Commissioner of TX