Nikkofly Wrote:
Nov 04, 2012 5:52 PM
Pop warner is on a copy & paste overdose! Can't write his own blogs, so copies & pastes and saves and regurgitates. Believes in GOD, but supports obama. What is WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?!? In case pop is unawares, the dem party is the party that REJECTS GOD, and His name was only allowed on their DNC platform ONCE thanks to a convention president who chose to ignore the nays and side with the quieter yeahs because he knew that a complete rejection of GOD would probably not work in their favor. Smart man, but simply using GOD to further an end. obama is the most anti-GOD potus in history. Yet pop sings his praises. Go figure. His logic is lost on me. Hates conservatives, yet we are the Christians of this country! The dems are atheists!