loadstar Wrote:
Nov 04, 2012 5:02 PM
TROLL ALERT! "Scrappediron" is likely just the latest morphing of a HuffPuff reject spam poster and provocateur! Have you all-American, conservative folks noticed that we are being barraged by Leftist spam posts as the election bewitching hour approaches by strange names like "thabber," "rachelmadcow," and "Petya"? They might well simply be new morphs/iterations/face changes of alison, Olive/ Ray Ancle/ Zapdoodat/ saawshank/ Denis3957, et al.-- and now "artdemeer" and "poseur" and "Edsiccors" Of course, they add no value...just a waste of cyberspace...anomalous propagation of puerile bile Try NOT to feed the trolls! :)