Jo119 Wrote:
Nov 04, 2012 3:52 PM
Just WHY was this allowed to occur, when it "is Against the Law?" MORE Obama's doing, to let it pass when it's for HIM? There should have been "Armed Police, to REMOVE THIS NAACP BAND OF IDIOTS AND JAIL THEM IMMEDIATELY". Is this, the "Civilian Army that Obama wanted?" Where were all those TOUGH TALK'N TEXANS THAT POST THIS KINDOF THING WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN TEXAS....OR GOV.PERRY? ALL TALK, NO GO. THIS IS DISGUSTING, AND SO ARE THOSE NAACP INTIMIDATERS. THEY KNOW, THEY ARE OK DOING THIS, AS OBAMA/HOLDER KICKED LOOSE THEIR IDIOT BROS, THE BLACK (stupid) PANTHERS TOO.