AmyDB Wrote:
Nov 04, 2012 3:10 PM
dumpster diva said.... No, but he has said hideous and uncalled for things about OBama, to me, for years now. He deserves it. And frankly Amy, so do you. If you had some Romney yard signs, or I could sclep out to your desolate ranch, I would get rid off yours too! _____________________ "Hideous and uncalled for things about Obama" to you mean your brother is speaking freely & truthfully dumpster diva. *Soft chuckle* Oh Bright Gods I really wish you'd try that child. If my pack mate didn't get you then I would & then little Che's untimly death would be set right & you, girl, would have to answer to Deity for how you have lived your life. WY is a castle state, you go prowling around on private land & you suffer the consequences.