FinalRac Wrote:
Nov 04, 2012 11:00 AM
The turn-out is now all. Hopefully, the GOP has convinced Indies, TEAS, Reagan Dems, yes even Libertarians to not waste votes and vote Romney on down the ticket. It is the only way to overcome Dem cheating as we see in Houston, Ohio, NV just today. They cheat so the victory has to be two times the vote to win. If NJ, NY, Pa. voters blamed W for Katrina, surely they should blame Sandy and FEMA on be , as libs say, FAIR. NJ and NY are going to get extra days to vote. Even in WWII, nobody had that advantage. Dems will cheat in the Cong. races, getting email votes when they need them . It is outrageous and Pub lawyers better be counting every ballot.