B1RD Wrote:
Nov 03, 2012 10:53 PM
Hey, are all your Demoqueers obsessed with the size of others Hershey Highway and killing babies? Is that your platform? Well, I know people who need to eat and ahve no job! While your leader Obama Bin Lyin and his side kick O'Biden bin Gaffin are entertained by Jay ZIpperhead and Bruce Skunkenstein while eating caviar and drinking Dom...and you are thinking about the size of someone elses arss hole. Wow! They got your number and it's ZERO! I'll bet you ahve a large "L" on your forehead, or maybe 666...? Well, how do you like my big red nose, red and blue hair and over sized shoes! I have an "oooogah" horn under my arm and will be partying hardy on November 7th... Can you say, "land slide!" Loh