pegleg Wrote:
Nov 03, 2012 7:27 PM
Does anyone honestly think Romney has a chance of winning with this kind of blatent in your face cheating and lying?? We are SO screwed! If Obama wins, it is by cheating. We will be overrun by the bureauacacy and the rule of law will be only what he deems it to be that day. Hello Greorge Orwell. Where are the parades of conservatives out and about even this one issue??? Cowarded by threats of being called a racist?? I am SO over that. No more white guilt. If you are black and want a position of leadership, PROVE yourself just as if you were white. NO more affirmative action for powerful positions. It gets people killed! The MEDIA>>>must GO. DAMN you liberal leftists. You make me sick. the universities too. Damn you all!