kbush Wrote:
Nov 03, 2012 7:01 PM
Here are twelve reasons for not being optimist 1. Obama is leading in Ohio. 2. Obama is leading in Florida. 3. Obama is leading in Virginia. 4. Obama has Wisconsin in his pocket. 5. Obama has Michigan in his pocket. 6. Obama has Nevada in his pocket. 7. Obama has Pennsylvania in his pocket. 8. Obama leading in Colorado. 9. Rats are bailing out Romney titanic. They are blaming it on Sandy. 10. Romney would be the first candidate who won't win in his home state/s (Michigan/Mass) and his vice president's home state (Wisconsin). Get a clue you losers. its over. Go and weep. Get a candidate who you can relate with. Romney is the most liberal conservative you can ever come up with. Get Sarah Palin for 2016.