AmericanLiberal Wrote:
Nov 03, 2012 9:39 AM
CPL: your ingratiation about "elites" is getting tiresome and stupid. Just as the rubber hits the road in human affairs with economics, this country is run by its business and financial elites. Politicians like Obama just have a seat at the table. Plutocratic apologists like you may try to gin up some empathy with the crackers down in Dixie who form the base of your party, but it is a bunch of nonsense. And you do not want a life based on nonsense, do you?! And as for your whining about the Marathon, i guess imperfect foresight is some kind of offense?! Clearly, Bloomberg was trying to show NYC is back. It was the wrong calculation so he fixed it. Is that such a terrible thing? What about you morons who are so caught up in..