Cary17 Wrote:
Nov 02, 2012 12:08 PM
Okay, we see the Soros Phone-and-Computer-Bank posters out in full force today, attempting to flood Conservative sites with cut-and-paste garbage. The funny thing is that these idiots are only trying to block out serious conversation... not to even make their own points. They're merely trying to silence dissent. Remember... "dissent is patriotic?" Except, of course, if it's dissent against THEIR GUY, or THEIR AGENDA. In which case, "dissent is evil and wrong." Does that about sum it up? Arty and Bobby and the rest of the Hitler Youth can play as much as they like. The grown-ups will still keep on defending them, preventing them from being lined up against the wall (as all "useful idiots" are... see the Menscheviks... eventually).