dvillaire sr. Wrote:
Nov 02, 2012 12:03 PM
How come nobody is taking about the method Barack Obama and the UAW used to rob my 83 year old mother and my 82 year old aunt, both widows, of $1500.00 a year from their survivors pensions? The GM bailout had the following monetary effects on the older GM retirees: ? Reduced my mother’s $575.00 per month pension by $75.00. ? Eliminated her once a year Christmas bonus of $475.00. ? Took that money and gave all active workers a $1500.00 sign on bonus for the bail out contract. ? Gave all active workers $5000.00 in profit sharing while giving retirees the shaft. ? The UAW also forces retirees who reach age sixty-two accept Social Security whether they want it or not by cutting pensions in half. ? Eliminated, for two years, dental and vision