OverDHill Wrote:
Nov 02, 2012 9:34 AM
A "Grand Bargin". What do these poticical hack think we are stupid. A "grand bargin" is buying a car at Sal's Auto Palace from a guy name Vinne who was recommended by the brother in law of guy who just got out of the joint. The car is a beutiful Pinto, a one owner vehicle owned by a widow who lives in the neighborhood. It has with 90wt in the engine, peanut butter in the transmission, and duct tape on the heater hoses with a fresh paint job covering two gallons of bondo and screen wire passing for body work and "White Owl" new car smell. A "grand bargin" is something that gets slipped to you while your pants are around you ankles not a piece of legislation. Maybe not I guess they are the samething. Promised spending. No cuts.