Tinsldr2 Wrote:
Nov 01, 2012 4:05 PM
Rove has to say Romney will win, I don't. I want Romney to win and digging into the polls it is very close. Romney has a clear edge in national vote but the state votes and path to 270 are close. Looking at raw poll numbers Obama would have a slight edge but digging in to the polls gives me confidence in a Romney win especially considering most polls R/D/I breakout. There is a reason they call it margin of error in the polls. There are 8 states whose average poll puts them at 3% or lower(2 Romney leads and 6 Obama) there are 3 more states under 5% (1 R and 2 O) Poll results that close mean the states are toss ups. I think and hope they go R but we wont know. Guess that makes the race interesting.