Larry1764 Wrote:
Nov 01, 2012 8:10 AM
Tell the child this story: A little black boy of 5, from the window of his mother's 2nd story apartment saw a shiny car on the street below and he saw the key was in the ignition. He ran downstairs. His little hand was too weak to pull the door-handle open so he asked some guys passing by to open it for him. He couldn't pull himself up to the seat so he asked them to put him in. He couldn't get the key to work so he asked one of them to get in beside him and do it. Once the motor was running, he pulled the gear-shift straight down and the car lurched out into traffic. Several fender-benders later, he woke up in a hospital and the medical team working on him began to berate him: It's crazy to try to drive a car when you