elvis18 Wrote:
Oct 31, 2012 8:12 PM
NEVER SAID ANNE---- Was not a good person. But facts she doen't like are not facts(per her). She never addressed the points I mentioned about Reagan. Then she states that Romney has cut nothing...not in office yet..DUH! But as Gov. the taxes were cut 19 times ! It is fact Annie! Mitt is tight with money...when he can be. He gave 30% to charity. I remember her comments to others a few years ago....really raunchy word choices sometimes. So when she tells me to shut my mouth if I don't like her comments..my, my such tolerance ! Sounds like the lefties...don't like the differing opinions...get real vicious. But I feel she wants the right things for America...good enough for me. We both want Obarfa out....BINGO!