jclemons Wrote:
Oct 31, 2012 10:22 AM
Good piece, I think you are spot on when observing in a large urban area like Cleveland. But I also think you don't want to mistake good bedfellows for a solidly cohesive and diverse Republican base. Unless the Republican leadership cleans up its highly white act, (my lily white thoughts) and "peppers the pasta" {" make the dish tasty, spicy! It's Good!} (As put by the new president of Ohio Assoc. of Black Republicans, Brenda Mack.little fireball...watch for her) ...well, it'll be back to cream of potato boring in the burghs in a few short months. It isn't racism. It's just fear. Brenda said it. Voting Democrat is so de rigueur for even the most strident conservative black citizens. It takes guts and backing...collaboration and caring.