U.S. Vet Wrote:
Oct 30, 2012 6:09 PM
Omama is nothing but an Affirmative Action President,someone who has the Ideology like Liberals and Socialism that its Governments responsibility to take from the Wealthy and give it to the Poor, Its only Worthless Liberals who love there doctrine of (Fairness) Well sorry Libs,Fairness is not "Redistributing" someone else's Success. Fairness is not dolling out Money to those who won't work.Fairness is not taking the wealth from one who has earned it, to give it to another who hasn't, thats (stealing) Real Fairness is succeeding through your own hard work and abilities under the same rules that apply to all. I served 26 years in the Marine Corp and no one gains Rank,Medals without earning them, those who give the most ,Deserve the most.