CynicsRus Wrote:
Oct 30, 2012 3:58 PM
You all know that if we are lucky enough to have a Romney Presidency that the Press will be sniping at him from Day One, i.e. Nov. 7. I wouldn't be surprised to find a critical Article written on Nov. 8 that Romnedy hasn't fixed the Economy yet. Think back. The homeless disappeared from Jan 20, 1993 until Jan. 20, 2001. Then they miraculously reappeared. Gee whiz they were Bush's problem then. Of course Clinton did nothing about the problem but that didn't matter. And worst of all-Every time Romney makes the little weenies in the MSM cry they'll run to Barack for a comment. You think Carter is bad? This narcissist has years of back-biting ahead of him. Get Ready. It's coming.