dennisharry Wrote:
Oct 30, 2012 1:15 PM
we need to be very careful: a. The republican party should be vocally pro union, and i mean bread-and-butter industrial unions because unions have done a vast amount of good, i don't mind a wealthy business owner as long as s/he shares the wealth produce by, guess the workers. b. some people say Obama is an inexperienced idiot, yellow flag, red wave caution, Butthag is extremely intelligent,shrewd, decceitful and intrinsicalyt evil, don;t be deceived!!! c.Stand Firm in the Faith, Satan may try to say things like, give them an extra day to vote, or extended voting time, or worse to cancel (try to) citing the harricane, don't let him get away with it!!! John McCain him McCain wantede to cancel the debates because of the "financial crises,