richard1088 Wrote:
Oct 30, 2012 10:05 AM
Life is BEAUTIFUL once again! The leftmedia organism had hoped to take Benghazi of the front pages for a few days, with the "Supercane", a mythical beast reported as the "biggest storm ever in the Atlantic". We were supposed to be washed away a littler further up here than Connecticut. Effect? Water (what a shocker) and tree limbs snapping power cables (shocker). We had more devastation in a remant Atlantic hurricane back in Aug. 2011 (Boston) and a winter ice storm in 2011 (Berkshires). Let's get back to Benghazi Gate and the rumored mass SHREDDING of documents going on 24/7 at the WH this week. Obama already has his exit strategy in place. He knows he's going to lose.