panzed Wrote:
Oct 29, 2012 6:47 PM
Bush - last year spending. FY2009 (Oct 08-Sept 09) Obama - first year spending. FY2010 (Oct 09-Sept 10) All numbers in billions of dollars. --------------Bush----Obama Budget-----3100-------3500 Stimulus----152---------257 TARP---------700 AIG------------150 Auto Bailout---13---------36 Omnibus------------------410 War suppl(1)-162 War suppl(2)-106 TOTAL--------4383-----4203 Martin Feldstein was quoted, "FY2010 will be Obama's first year. That is his first budget. FY2009 was Bush's budget. Even a 5th grader can see that revenues will go down due to the recession, so deficit spending almost has to take place during these times."