mshapiro Wrote:
Oct 29, 2012 2:37 PM
Libertarians are like that punk kid we all knew when we were young. When they don't get their way they take their votes and go home. It didn't work for little Timmy and it won't work for Gary Johnson. All the Libertarian Party is is a wing for the lunatic fringe in the Republican Party. You try to portray yourselves as "Couragous" but all you are are petulant children in need of a goos solid kick to the pants. Maybe if you actually participated and argued your ideas within the party you would see the Republicans shift more towards your way of thought. Of course the Gold Standard, support for NAMBLA, and this foolish deification of Ayn Rand are non-starters. Gold limited our economy, Treejumpers are not people, and Ayn Rand was delusional.