ricksmom Wrote:
Oct 29, 2012 12:39 PM
Your comment applies to al the MSM. They have been so egotistical that they could mold the American people like clay. They put their Obama agenda ahead of the people. Just like Obama they assumed the publc was just lame brained sheeped because at one point they gave Obama the benefit of the doubt but as soon as it became that we were being made fools of and that they were trying to lead us like stupid, sheep we woke up. Obama & MSM, you judged us wrong, we have more intelligence and integrity than you. You pledged allegience to the Great Pretender but we did not. Wedid not pledge to him, simply gave him a chance and he & you failed. Keeping spewing in your misery; you are being ridiculed & we resent you taking us for blind idiots.