ipukakaren Wrote:
Oct 29, 2012 3:26 AM
Ms. Cutter - The point of Murdoch's comment is that the children conceived from rape are still loved by God. He was not condoning rape. Why don't we call what abortion is - the killing of an unborn child. Yes it is legally supported government killing, but it is still the killing of an innocent life. As a person, whose birth mother abandoned me while I was still a newborn, then adopted by a loving family, I do not know what my 'conception background' is, but I know but for the grace of god, I am lucky at least she did not abort me. Even in rape, which is abhorrent, if a child is conceived, they too are loved by god and should have the chance in life. This was Murdoch's point, and this is the point of most Pro-Lifers, including myself.